Friday, February 3, 2017

The Start of School Fall 2016 (September)

I had BIG plans for my very first year with all of the kids all in at least some kind of school. With Audrey starting full-day Kindergarten and Ward in preschool three mornings a week, I'd have FREE time. HA (Insert the sound a balloon makes when you let the air out of it).

At first, I kidded myself and thought that using my first free morning to take Ward to the doctor for his well-child check up was an exception.

Nope. Totally the rule. I made it from the start of school to Thanksgiving without a free day. There were doctors, dentists, hair stylists, volunteer shifts, visiting teaching, relief society activities, and so, so many other things to fill the time. It turns out, you just trade one busy for another.

There was a brief time when a couple days cleared. True story-I had just sat down to relish the thought when my phone rang and it was the school. They thought Maggie had broken her wrist. And she had. All of the newly-necessary appointments erased any openings in my schedule and filled a few I didn't have.

The day after she broke it, I took Ward to school to check on her at lunch. He liked it. Her friends liked him. Like he was some kind of pet. I don't know where they got that impression.

A full day trip down to Federal Way and Maggie had a brand new hot pink accessory to take to Fiji with us. I was dying thinking about all of the fun she was going to miss while we were there because of her cast. The one benefit of writing this months late-I know she had a great time and it didn't slow her down a bit.

Another wonderful quality of fall is that it brings soccer! It was my first time having two kids play and there was definitely a learning curve to managing two schedules.

Audrey played her first year ever and she was great! She loved it and played so hard, but more importantly, SMART. She was great at taking directions and understanding the game.

Amos played his third, and most likely final, year of soccer. He took last year off, and with a change in the age brackets, he was playing a year up. The odds were not in his favor.


I was pretty surprised to find an "action" shot of the dear boy. He did a lot of standing around and observing. I may have yelled, "Go get the ball!!! This isn't sharing time!!!" at him once. Bless his heart, it is so kind and he is going to be great at something. But it won't be soccer.

With two soccer players, there was lots of spectating for the spectators to do. Ward and Maggie did great at being hauled around from field to field.

Special spectator Aunt Meg joined us for one of Amos' games when she was in town for work:

Along with soccer, cub scouts and music class were back in action.

We were also rapidly approaching birthday alley...with Audrey's American girl doll party up first and the only thing standing between us and Fiji (post forthcoming)...

And getting all of the birthday treats to school, etc., etc. 

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