Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Hornes take on Fiji

When my parents were called on their mission to Fiji, I immediately declared we were going to see them. I'm pretty sure I told them within seconds of them opening their call that we'd be there. I guess I put it out into the universe enough that it came true ;) We were SO lucky to be able to go visit them. Even all these months later, we're still "Fiji-sick." Ward, who has no business remembering any of it, talks about it all the time. Maybe I should start telling the universe ALL of the Hornes are going back. Seriously though, I am lucky enough to be going back in April with my sisters, so I'd better get blogging before the two trips become one big blur...

The night before we left on our trip, we went out for one last family dinner (I'd done an impressive job of emptying ALL of the food out of our house).

Amos wrote himself a very fitting fortune:

All of the exciting posts are coming, but I want to remember all of these details. Mostly because someday the kids will ask us how we did it, and I'll never remember.

We checked three bags to Fiji...the two blue ones contained smaller sectioned bags for each family member, one for all of our church clothes together (we'd only need them once), and one for all of our swim stuff (we needed it within minutes of landing). The black bag is Grammy/Grampy's stuff that they needed from the mainland. So, yeah, the Hornes went 16 days out of those two blue ones. We're awesome. Each kid had a backpack with a blanket/pillow combo. Their backpacks had their ipads, headphones, schoolwork, coloring books, and crayons in them.

We flew from Seattle to LA, where we left from the International terminal. There is pretty much one flight a day to Fiji, and it leaves just before midnight. Keeping the kids awake to get onto the plane was the hardest part.

Ward and I were seatmates, with Eric and the big three in middle row.

The flight was one of the easier flights we've ever taken with everyone. It was 11 hours, and the kids slept for 7-8 of them. Leaving just a couple hours of awake time-less than a trip to Philly or Orlando. Plus, they fed us twice and there was tons of in-flight entertainment on the little screens in the seat backs.

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