Friday, February 3, 2017

Audrey's 6th Birthday Party (Oct. 1, 2016)

Our last act before our big trip to Fiji was squeezing in Audrey's birthday party. (Her party was on Saturday, and we left the following Tuesday). I knew if it didn't happen before, it would be a lot harder to make it happen after-just ask Amos who still hasn't had his.

Audrey made it so easy on me, she knew exactly what she wanted: an American Girl Doll party. It was wonderful, we just showed up and they took care of us.

Audrey's BFF gave her earrings and pierced ears for her doll, she was super excited.

Maggie was in heaven too.

I've always thought Audrey has the best friends, and now I'm sure of it.

The boys didn't come to the party with us because Amos had a soccer game. And because they didn't want to. But, Amos made Audrey a really sweet card. Since starting school, Audrey has been obsessed with doing school work, so he made her some:

Also, Audrey's doll and I were on the same wavelength, post party.

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