Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ward's First Day of School

For the second year in a row, Ward managed to start school before Audrey. She's still taking it like a champ, but then again, our date for cookies and manicures today might have helped.

Audrey managed to get dressed today, but she's saving brushing her hair for her first day of school. And she's doing that awkward smile on purpose?

Ward was thrilled and so ready to go back to school, but right at picture time he found a way to be upset when I wouldn't let him hold his nerf gun in the photos. He's still cute, even when he's mad.

Things turned around by the time he got to school, and he was so ready! He didn't even look back. He barely stopped for a picture.

And, you can tell he's my fourth child, because I rolled in at 12:07 (well within my 10 minute pick up window) to pick him up and all the other parents, presumably anxious to have their kids back, had come and gone already. Whoops.

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