Friday, September 9, 2016

Audrey's First Day of Kindergarten

After a "slooooooow start" (emphasis added) Audrey finally began Kindergarten on Friday. (Amos and Maggie went Tuesday, and Ward went Wednesday).

It should be noted, that Audrey let me do her hair for the first day of school. My girls never let me do their hair. She even picked the style. There is hope.

Audrey was beyond ready for Kindergarten...I, on the other hand, wasn't. It really caught me off guard how sad I was to see her go. I've never felt that sending a kid off to school. Turns out, she's my little buddy that is really great to have around.

Audrey fell right in line with the big kids. She was going to march right on that bus without even looking back, but the bus driver, Tami, stopped her and made her turn around for me. And that's when the tears started.

As is tradition, we followed the bus to school and watched Audrey line up with her class for the first time. She was all business standing in line, practically shouting, "let's go people!" Still so ready. I was still crying.

And, in case you think the thought of being left alone was making me sad, it wasn't. Ward was with me to drop off Audrey, and then I took him to school. By the time we were to his school, I was happily pushing him out the door =)

Looking at the pictures from our "Ward free" time before her school started, I can see why I felt differently about Audrey going to school than any of the others. She's my little mini me. We ate cookies and got our nails done together. It doesn't get much better than that. Thankfully, there are still Saturdays and summers for our girl time.

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