Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ward turns 4

Since we moved to Washington, eating at the Space Needle has become Ward's birthday tradition. Probably because he's been too little to protest and the rest of us LOVE it. I even bought the discounted Space Needle gift cards at Costco last Christmas in anticipation of getting to go again for Ward's birthday.

This year everyone was super excited the minute we said "Space Needle." The girls had their purses packed with sticky notes and crayons before I even reminded them.

As always, the sticky notes on the windows were a hit. The kids had a little trouble not following them beyond our table, but it was super exciting when they started making it back.

I just don't know of another restaurant with such a great view.

We even ventured out onto the deck after lunch. Not for long though, it's high and scary!

Playing at the playground at the EMP Museum was a new addition to this Space Needle trip, and we loved it!

In case you need live action of the birthday ice cream:

Not a bad party for 4 year old.

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