Friday, August 26, 2016

Still Alive!

Have you seen The Croods? I've only seen it once, but I've heard playing in the back of the car about 5400 times. There is a scene where the Crood family simultaneously yells "STILL ALIVE!" and sometimes I feel the need to start with that...yes, I am still here. (Google "The Croods still alive" if you have no idea what I am talking about).

The minute I joined Instagram I knew it would be the death of my blogging. Truthfully, the thoughts and memories just bounce around in my head until I get them out, and while blogging used to be the choice mode of ejection, Instagram proved much easier. Plus, who needs to see it all twice?

But, as some of you know (from following my Instagram) my computer just killed itself, and I have a newfound awareness of things that matter most.

So, here's to being back to blogging. It will take a little bit as I am still trying to remember all my passwords that were saved on my computer and some things are just important. Like having access to one's bank accounts.

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