Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Break Seattle Vacation

Making plans for spring break this year was sort of comical. One thing after another fell through, and all we could do was think of another plan. Traveling far wasn't in the cards, so we headed to Seattle for a couple nights in our favorite hotel. The Fairmont Olympic has been good to us, and it's safe to say the kids are getting quite comfortable there.

The main reason for the hotel (though room service is a close second) is the pool. As soon as we checked in and could change, we headed to the pool for a couple hours.

After swimming, we went to dinner across the street. We've noticed the Benihana on previous visits and always thought it'd be a fun treat sometime when we were at the hotel. When Eric made our reservations it was at the Benihana. By the time we showed up for our reservations, the restaurant had changed its name ;) Hamanasu it was!

Audrey was wiped from the pre-dinner swiml:

After the dinner the kids wanted to swim some more. So they did, until 10 p.m.! They shut the pool down. It was nice to have it all to ourselves =) 

The next morning, after more swimming, we walked down to the aquarium just to change it up a little. We walked around downtown, and then went back for more swimming :) This time we chased our swimming with room service. 

The next morning there was...more swimming! I think they might actually have gotten their fix this time. See you at Christmas, Fairmont Olympic!

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