Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Nights These Days

A couple weeks ago the Missionaries in our ward asked if they could come over to share a message with us. Their proposed time-Friday night. What? We totally have lives. Right? We were in fact busy. It was movie night at the school! That's a hot ticket right there ;) They open up the gym and project a movie on the big screen. We didn't bring enough pillows or blankets, but otherwise it was a great time. Next time we'll be more prepared.

Another big Friday night for us was the annual family dance at the school (last year's here). The Dance Guy was back, and again the kids had some super sweet moves to show off.

The dance was Star Wars themed and the kids HATED it. We haven't properly indoctrinated them, I suppose. They were good sports anyway though.

Thanks to the PTSA for keeping our social lives happening ;)

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