Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Non-Skiers Pass the Time

Ski season has been in full swing for a couple months, and the non-skiers have been enjoying it as much as the skiers. In fact, I should probably make it less appealing for Maggie to stay home with me if I want her to be a skier. For the most part we passed the time running errands, getting lunch, and shopping. For a couple Saturdays we worked on the Lego set I got for Christmas. It was really fun. I eased Maggie into "helping," but I quickly realized she's much better at it than I am. She is able to look at the picture on the box, and the pieces and put it together sans directions. It's pretty darn awesome. Quite often as I turned the page for the next step, she was there handing me the already assembled pieces.

Of course she's still a 7 year old and totally loves playing with the minifigures too.

Ward, on the other hand is a total nightmare =) There is a strict no touching anything policy in place for him.

Audrey was pretty disappointed to come home from skiing to a completed building, but I made it up to her by having her help me with a mini Seattle Temple I bought off of Etsy (Thanks for the tip, Kate!).

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Kate said...

Love the Seattle Temple!!! And your Christmas legos too!