Friday, February 19, 2016

Safe in Suva

I interrupt our regularly scheduled back dated programming to bring you a post in real time!

I know, it's crazy.

Last weekend the kids had mid-winter break. As soon as I figured out it coordinated with Grammy and Grampy Shaver's mission farewell, I knew we had to go to Eagle. I am so glad we did. We had a great weekend. We got to see Grammy and Grampy (and our cousins, Carrie and Allison) speak in church and be there when Grammy and Grampy got set apart as missionaries and put their pin in the Stake President's missionary map. They are in a very small group that have two pins in his map. There are about 450 pins in his map representing missionaries who have gone out while he's been Stake President.

Outside the Stake center post-setting apart:

The missionaries:

In spite of intentionally saving a bulletin from Sacrament meeting, I didn't have a single one that didn't get colored in. I tried.

The Church news had a great spread about the Suva Temple Open house. Not the exact article, but you can read about it here.

Just a few hours after we left Idaho for Seattle Monday morning, Grammy and Grampy flew to Salt Lake for a couple days of training at the Salt Lake Temple. Then, Wednesday, they flew to LAX and then on to Fiji! We received an email that they made it safe yesterday, and another one today that they are settled waiting for the cultural celebration that marks the re-opening of the Fiji Temple. Pres. Eyring and Elder Cook are there for the occasion.

Their feet on Fiji soil!:

First shot of the Suva Temple from Grampy:

I am greatly looking forward to the plethora of Temple shots my Dad will send us. At least if it's anything like his last mission.

To follow my Dad's blog, here.

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