Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Horne Ski Team

I'd like to start this post off with a little blast from the past. My sister, Liz, dug this up, and I'm happy to share it here. The Shaver ski vacation circa '89/'90 (Somebody help me out)?

Judging by that little wonder in powder pink, our kids have some solid ski genes.

We started Amos and Maggie with ski lessons in Utah, and this year it was Audrey's turn! She was really excited to go. For five weeks, Eric took her up to her twice a day lessons on Saturdays. He and Amos skied to pass the time during her classes. The first couple of weeks she got a little discouraged when it was harder than she expected, but by the end, she was skiing!

Her nickname the first week was "The Audrey Noodle," stemming from her floppy-ness and inability to stay up ;) She really liked her teachers, Liz, Liz's Mom, and Elsa.

The kids have awesome ski gear, but Audrey took a little selling on her base layer (i.e. long underwear). Once Eric dubbed it "the blueberry suit" she happily put it on each week.

Most Saturdays Eric took Amos and Audrey skiing while Ward, Maggie and I had another adventure. It should be noted, Maggie is currently in ski retirement. We hope next year she'll be ready to give it a try again. One week, we all headed up and had a fun snow play day and lunch at the Sultan Cafe on our way home.

Ward was pretty determined to bring this snowball home. That did not work out for him.

It was awesome seeing Audrey ski. She was pretty well up and running by the week I came to spectate.

By the end, Audrey was talking her favorite lift and runs. So grown up! Two Hornes down, two to go and then we can all ski together! Of course, Amos is asking to snowboard now...

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