Thursday, November 26, 2015

So Much Halloween

I think we're all feeling like Halloween is starting to rival Christmas in the amount of hoopla that surrounds it. This year was no exception. I should probably break this up into smaller posts, but here it comes all once. I am really going to hate myself when its time to format this for the blog book =(

This year the girls were obsessed with their Halloween outfits. It's really some 4T jammies leftover from a couple years ago and a tutu. They wore them immediately after every time I washed them. We got our money's worth this year.

Ward was the first to have his class party. He had a school field trip (below) on the day closest to Halloween, so they ended up having their class party a week early. I didn't hear any complaints. Audrey and I attended and she wore the first of many different costumes.

This year we went to Camp Korey to get our pumpkins. They have a great fall festival with lots of activities for the kids. The face painting and petting zoo were the favorites.

Amos really wanted a nice picture by this "pumpkin."

We got rid of those other yahoos and he was set.

The bunnies in a bag were everyone's favorite.

Ward's bunny tried to make a break for it.

I love how he tries to push it back in the bag:

And then a little bit of panic sets in.

Dad to the rescue (see blurry hand).

This one just seemed like it should be preserved in history:

Pumpkin carving is right up there with egg dyeing for me, but we actually did ok this year. Maybe we're maturing.

I liked the crown Eric carved into Audrey's pumpkin for her.

Audrey's class party was up next. And so was Minnie Mouse.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the Halloween Ward and Audrey had a field trip to Remlinger Farms. Their whole school went, so it was nice I could chaperon them both at the same time. Remlinger was the same 'ole, same 'ole, but the kids don't care. They loved the train, hay maze, photo ops and mini carnival rides.


The Friday before Halloween it was FINALLY Amos and Maggie's turn for some Halloween partying. Maggie carefully planned her under outfit-they have to change into their costumes at school-and was mortified when Audrey came down in a matching outfit. It was quite funny and cute to me.

The cutest little witch:

I didn't get a good before picture of Amos as Stampy Cat (if you just asked yourself who? consider yourself very, very lucky). Audrey, Ward, and I went to the school for the parade and got there early enough to swing into Amos' class party.

Ward was so excited to hitch along for the parade. He was a total pain and caused huge gaps though, I had to pull him out. It was cute while it lasted.

Eventually ACTUAL Halloween rolled around and we were ready. It was a totally crazy day with our ward party being scheduled over our very most favorite down town trick or treating and Eric and I both having assignments we were responsible for. I snuck the kids (and some of their friends) downtown for just a few minutes on our way to church.

 The church party went well, and even though we had to stay after to help with take down/clean up it worked in our favor. Late trick or treating meant we hit houses just as they were winding down for the night and more than once someone dumped their entire remaining bowl into our kids' bags.

Ward tired out just a little before the other kids, so the night ended with he and I sitting in the car eating candy.

And with that, it was November.

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