Thursday, December 3, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

The first act of December was to get our Christmas tree. I've noticed (though I remedied it for next year) that the way our Christmas decorations are packed, the tree decorating creates a bottle neck and holds up the entire process. So, tree was acquired first thing.

We went to the Carnation Tree Farm, which is adorable and quite photoworthy. The kids weren't quite on board with that though...

After a few minutes of that (see above), Amos said, "now, let's take a silly one!"

Audrey cooperated though:

We only bought a wreath at the Carnation Tree Farm, we headed down the road to Ronnei for our tree. It's amazing how many differing opinions there can be during tree selection.

Ward's pick:

He was FURIOUS we were getting a big tree until we found this stray branch and convinced him that was his tree.

Eric and the boys like Ronnei best because they get to use a saw.

I can't really remember why, but the kids got in trouble and got put in timeout. It's funny to me now:

And, the tree is ready for the voyage home!

While the tree rested in the garage, the boys got the stand ready.

Finally, the next day the tree went up.

And Ward never even noticed that his branch disappeared...

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