Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Losing 'dem teeths

Sometime in November, Audrey joined the lost tooth club. One day she came to me and said her tooth hurt. A quick examination and it was clear-that tooth was crazy loose! Just a day later it fell out while we were out on a family walk. In the dark. Luckily we found it on the path with our flashlights.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, why the tooth is dirty, it fell out when were on a walk." (Dictated by Audrey, written by Maggie.)

Only a few days later, Audrey lost her second tooth. At church. During the Sacrament. We never did find it. Whoops. I thought, it's ok it happens. And it happened again-a couple weeks later when Maggie also lost a tooth at church. We didn't loose it right away, but it disappeared sometime during primary when she was showing her friends. Double whoops. Luckily there are forms for these kinds of things:

I feel like we're single-handedly keeping the tooth fairy in business these days (or putting her out of it???).

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