Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Horne Ski Team

I'd like to start this post off with a little blast from the past. My sister, Liz, dug this up, and I'm happy to share it here. The Shaver ski vacation circa '89/'90 (Somebody help me out)?

Judging by that little wonder in powder pink, our kids have some solid ski genes.

We started Amos and Maggie with ski lessons in Utah, and this year it was Audrey's turn! She was really excited to go. For five weeks, Eric took her up to her twice a day lessons on Saturdays. He and Amos skied to pass the time during her classes. The first couple of weeks she got a little discouraged when it was harder than she expected, but by the end, she was skiing!

Her nickname the first week was "The Audrey Noodle," stemming from her floppy-ness and inability to stay up ;) She really liked her teachers, Liz, Liz's Mom, and Elsa.

The kids have awesome ski gear, but Audrey took a little selling on her base layer (i.e. long underwear). Once Eric dubbed it "the blueberry suit" she happily put it on each week.

Most Saturdays Eric took Amos and Audrey skiing while Ward, Maggie and I had another adventure. It should be noted, Maggie is currently in ski retirement. We hope next year she'll be ready to give it a try again. One week, we all headed up and had a fun snow play day and lunch at the Sultan Cafe on our way home.

Ward was pretty determined to bring this snowball home. That did not work out for him.

It was awesome seeing Audrey ski. She was pretty well up and running by the week I came to spectate.

By the end, Audrey was talking her favorite lift and runs. So grown up! Two Hornes down, two to go and then we can all ski together! Of course, Amos is asking to snowboard now...

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Day at the Aquarium

Last October, when we had company come for Amos' baptism, we went to the Seattle Aquarium. A quick calculation of ticket prices that day showed that it'd be cheaper for us to buy a family membership than to pay for all of us that day. So, we joined the aquarium! It's one of Maggie's favorite places, so I knew we'd have no trouble making it back. With a day off of school for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, that's exactly what we did. It ended up being the perfect day. The Aquarium was running a special "Hawaii in Your Own Backyard" event and there was tons going on.

The kids loved the leis and necklaces being handed out by the Hawaiian visitors center:

We saw a special show, Honu by the Sea. Coming off our Disney high, the kids think big productions like this are normal.

The full effect of the octopus costume:

Check out Ward's concentration on his hang ten fingers!

They loved all of the characters.

We got super lucky with all of the feeding times, tank cleaning times, and active animal times.

We took Grammy and Grampy's picture with this map just after they got their mission call last October, but we thought we'd better get another picture just in case.

Eric ubered down from work to meet us for lunch and we had a nice time on the deck of Aquarium.

It was a great way to spend a day off from school.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Another year, another baptism

With the start of the new year, we started talking to Maggie about this being HER baptism year. Last year it was all about Amos, but this year, it's her time. I think she was a little surprised by it, but as it settled in, she got right on board.

Naturally, the first thing she did was make a list.

So far on tap we have: roses, a dress, and a heart garland.

Maggie is an awesome girl, who is constantly stealing my things (see: pink vase) to make art and turn into her things (see: pink vase filled with flowers). I am so excited to focus on her baptism with her this year.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Amos Blogs

In December, Amos' classroom experienced a flood when some pipes froze and burst. His class had to be relocated to the computer lab while their classroom was cleaned up, so Amos' teacher decided to use the time to teach the kids to blog. I learned to blog as a part of my senior project in COLLEGE, but Amos learns as a second grader. Cool.

The class blog is on super private lock-down, but I took a screen shot of one of his first blogs ever to share:

It's amazing to see the original thoughts coming out of that little mind.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Church Year

Our first act back in normal life was church on Sunday. Ward officially became a SUNBEAM! He does not like it. They make him sit in a chair and there are no toys. Poor guy.

Audrey was thrilled to move up a class and to the back row (meaning, the oldest group in junior primary).

Amos and Maggie are both in senior primary now, and they took their changes in stride. They're getting old, they know the drill. I didn't even take their picture!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas at Home

Our first act of the new year was to celebrate Christmas! I know, weird. After all we'd seen and done the week before in Florida, it felt like a bit much. It's for the kids though, right?

It was a super calm, low-key morning followed by an afternoon of playing with new toys. I didn't get a picture, but Amos got an Xbox for Christmas. A friend of Eric's gave it to us for free, otherwise it wouldn't have happened. It took us a good chunk of afternoon to set it up and figure out how to play ;) We're getting old.

After all of the excitement we were sure feeling ready to get back to normal life...