Friday, September 9, 2016

Audrey's First Day of Kindergarten

After a "slooooooow start" (emphasis added) Audrey finally began Kindergarten on Friday. (Amos and Maggie went Tuesday, and Ward went Wednesday).

It should be noted, that Audrey let me do her hair for the first day of school. My girls never let me do their hair. She even picked the style. There is hope.

Audrey was beyond ready for Kindergarten...I, on the other hand, wasn't. It really caught me off guard how sad I was to see her go. I've never felt that sending a kid off to school. Turns out, she's my little buddy that is really great to have around.

Audrey fell right in line with the big kids. She was going to march right on that bus without even looking back, but the bus driver, Tami, stopped her and made her turn around for me. And that's when the tears started.

As is tradition, we followed the bus to school and watched Audrey line up with her class for the first time. She was all business standing in line, practically shouting, "let's go people!" Still so ready. I was still crying.

And, in case you think the thought of being left alone was making me sad, it wasn't. Ward was with me to drop off Audrey, and then I took him to school. By the time we were to his school, I was happily pushing him out the door =)

Looking at the pictures from our "Ward free" time before her school started, I can see why I felt differently about Audrey going to school than any of the others. She's my little mini me. We ate cookies and got our nails done together. It doesn't get much better than that. Thankfully, there are still Saturdays and summers for our girl time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ward's First Day of School

For the second year in a row, Ward managed to start school before Audrey. She's still taking it like a champ, but then again, our date for cookies and manicures today might have helped.

Audrey managed to get dressed today, but she's saving brushing her hair for her first day of school. And she's doing that awkward smile on purpose?

Ward was thrilled and so ready to go back to school, but right at picture time he found a way to be upset when I wouldn't let him hold his nerf gun in the photos. He's still cute, even when he's mad.

Things turned around by the time he got to school, and he was so ready! He didn't even look back. He barely stopped for a picture.

And, you can tell he's my fourth child, because I rolled in at 12:07 (well within my 10 minute pick up window) to pick him up and all the other parents, presumably anxious to have their kids back, had come and gone already. Whoops.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to School Cool

Today, Amos and Maggie went back to school.

We managed to stay pretty busy, and have a lot of fun this summer, but always in the back of my mind was how amazing this fall was going to be. Now that it's here, (don't quote me on this) I'm not sure I'm ready. We've been the five of us going everywhere and do everything together for so long, I'm not sure I know how to go anywhere alone anymore. I may start talking to myself or something...

Back to today though, Amos and Maggie are old pros. They know the drill and they were ready for all of it.

Kindergartners and preschoolers get to wear their jammies for one more day...

This kid is the pickiest ever about what he wears...I won him over with the softest hoody ever. And an elastic waistband on those pants.

This girl has turned her back on skirts and dresses. Leggings and t-shirts or nothing for her. Today she finally got to wear her new school shoes, and they're her first pair of lace-ups. I fully expected to be tying them all year. Last night, just as I was putting her to bed, she asked if I could teach her to tie them. I thought we'd try for a couple minutes and call it good, but she had it in an instant. Turns out I don't have to tie them all year.

They're the most amazing friends ever.

I don't know why, but I found Audrey to be a riot all morning. She was totally chill with it not being her day. Ward was a raving lunatic, but Audrey, she's good. Albeit, a little deranged looking.

When the bus rolled up the kids grabbed their backpacks and were off. They didn't look back or even say goodbye! Their bus driver, told them she missed them this summer and Amos looked at her and said, "Is that true???" She thought that was pretty funny.

And with that they were off!

Just kidding, we followed the bus to school to watch them line up. 

They were already with their classes in their lines ready to go by the time we parked the car. A couple minutes of being lined up, the bell rang and then they were really off! They both came home happy as clams, school owned.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Can I Say A Joke?

**I found this unpublished blog in my didn't have a date, but sometime 4/16-8/16:

Ward has been very into joke telling lately. He always asks permission first, then tells his joke. He's really into knock, knock jokes. He really likes the interrupting cow joke from the movie Home. Almost all of his jokes make no sense.

A little backstory first, our kids loved the elephants at the zoo. They've fed them more than once, and knew their names, etc. Last year the elephants were moved, and eventually one of them died at her new home. The kids were aware enough of the elephants to know this...

So, Ward is telling me knock, knock jokes about basically every animal, and the response is the sound it makes:

W: Knock, knock!

L: Who's there?

W: Duck!

L: Duck who?

W: Quack! Quack!

This went on for quite some time until he got to elephant.

W: Knock, knock!

L: Who's there?

W: Elephant!

L: Elephant who?

W: Elephant dead. (hangs head).

 I guess he didn't know what sound it made.

Still Alive!

Have you seen The Croods? I've only seen it once, but I've heard playing in the back of the car about 5400 times. There is a scene where the Crood family simultaneously yells "STILL ALIVE!" and sometimes I feel the need to start with that...yes, I am still here. (Google "The Croods still alive" if you have no idea what I am talking about).

The minute I joined Instagram I knew it would be the death of my blogging. Truthfully, the thoughts and memories just bounce around in my head until I get them out, and while blogging used to be the choice mode of ejection, Instagram proved much easier. Plus, who needs to see it all twice?

But, as some of you know (from following my Instagram) my computer just killed itself, and I have a newfound awareness of things that matter most.

So, here's to being back to blogging. It will take a little bit as I am still trying to remember all my passwords that were saved on my computer and some things are just important. Like having access to one's bank accounts.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ward turns 4

Since we moved to Washington, eating at the Space Needle has become Ward's birthday tradition. Probably because he's been too little to protest and the rest of us LOVE it. I even bought the discounted Space Needle gift cards at Costco last Christmas in anticipation of getting to go again for Ward's birthday.

This year everyone was super excited the minute we said "Space Needle." The girls had their purses packed with sticky notes and crayons before I even reminded them.

As always, the sticky notes on the windows were a hit. The kids had a little trouble not following them beyond our table, but it was super exciting when they started making it back.

I just don't know of another restaurant with such a great view.

We even ventured out onto the deck after lunch. Not for long though, it's high and scary!

Playing at the playground at the EMP Museum was a new addition to this Space Needle trip, and we loved it!

In case you need live action of the birthday ice cream:

Not a bad party for 4 year old.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sun's Out, Fun's Out

May 6th marked the first day it was warm enough to get the slide out. Pretty good, by PNW standards. We're on our third summer with this slide, and it's held up perfectly. So well in fact, we decided to get it a big sister (post forthcoming). If I can't have a swimming pool, I will have a water park ;)

The best part of being part of the preschool contigency is smaller crowds and lower wait times for the slide while the big kids are at school.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

For Mother's Day, Ward and Audrey's school hosted the cutest tea parties for the moms during their class time. I attended two parties-once in Ward's class with just Ward (Audrey was at a playdate) and again in Audrey's class. Unfortunately Ward had to come with me to Audrey's party and he was a rowdy, distracting little dude. Thankfully, my entourage of little people days are nearly over...

I had a great time at both of the parties, but they must have been really exciting because I was really, really tired at the end of the day.

Give the boy a tiny spoon and he's happy!