Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Magic Kingdom Gone Wrong (but it's still so right)

**Keep scrolling if you're only interested in the pictures and not the gory details ;)

When we started planning our Florida trip as a family, Disney World was the top of my list. I love that place. This love is irrational and defies all logic, but it's there and it's strong. I knew the week we would be there would be one of the busiest weeks of the year. But, not to be defeated I set about stalking the Disney website and app for all of the dining reservations and fast passes we would want. The perfect Disney vacation would be mine. Incredibly, it all fell into place: Cinderella's castle, 'Ohana, Be Our Guest. Park tickets were acquired at the best possible price, gift cards were bought at a discount, souvenirs purchased in advance (at non park prices).

I waited for lightning to strike.

First ride of the trip, no signs of trouble yet.

The morning of our first Magic Kingdom day, everything was in order. Ward had a mini puke in the kitchen before we left, but I chalked it up to little kid excitement. Still, it wasn't until we were in the park enjoying our day that I thought, by gosh, I've done it. The perfect Disney vacation. We made it into the park at opening and rode 6 (six!) rides before our fast passes even started. We rode our first and second fast passes when Ward started to complain his stomach hurt, and Amos got diarrhea at our bathroom break. Ready to head this thing off, I sent Eric off for some pepto while I planned to take all four kids into Mickey's Philharmagic (a sit down, air conditioned show). The plan seemed sound. But you can't dodge a lightning bolt. With Eric gone, and the four kids to myself, the puking commenced. Walking to the theater, Ward puked and managed to tag the back of Amos' leg and shoe. Amos immediately began to sob (I mean, really, sob). He, and I quote, "really liked these shoes." I whipped us around to go back to the stroller for our wipes, but not before I witnessed the puke be magically, and really truly mean magically, whisked away. When we get back to the stroller, I realize the wipes didn't make it into the park with us. The brand new, Costco sized wipes. They were in the car. Which, from inside a Disney park means they might as well still be at Costco. At this point we're far from the bathroom, and the kids just can't move quickly. Amos is still wailing his head off, and I can't even tell you what Audrey or Maggie were doing. Well, they were whining, but it was a mere whirring in the background. So, I scooped Ward up so we could move faster. We were back to the original puke spot, half way to the bathroom, when I felt Ward's stomach tighten and the exorcism begin. We were in a huge crowd (between Peter Pan's Flight and It's a Small World, if you know it), but all at once we were alone in empty space as people backed away in horror. Ward puked down my front and then continued over my shoulder. It was graphic. From somewhere a saintly woman whipped some wipes out of her bag and said "here, keep them!" But then she was gone. And no one else offered to help.

Wipes in hand, we turned around and once again went back to the stroller. From there I called Eric for help. It went something like this: "Puking. Can't do this. Get here."

There are two ways this next part could have gone-I'll let you decide where the truth lies:

Husband rushes back from opposite side of the park where he'd just reached the medicine sans medicine and

1. wife understands and appreciates his rushing to her aid or

2. wife loses it when husband returns without the medicine which was the entire reason she was alone for the puking part in the first place.

Since I'd acquired wipes there was really nothing for Eric to do but turn around and go back to where he'd just been for the medicine. At least he knew where he was going this time. I got us all wiped and clothes changed (NEVER EVER go to a Disney park without a change of clothes) and Eric was back with the medicine. Ward wanted nothing to do with it. He would not take it. So, seeming stable, we pressed on. Except Ward drank two gulps of water. We were deep in the Winnie the Pooh line when we all got to see those two gulps of water again. Honey bucket spill-that's what the cast members call it, in case you were wondering.

About this time Eric had enough and pulled rank. He was taking Ward home. I called my Dad who was at home babysitting baby Emily, and asked if he was up for some more company. Thank goodness he was. Sadly it ended up being a bad choice for him as the Ward bug hit him just in time for the flight home. No good deed, right?

So, Eric left the park with the boys (Amos was begging to go home, he never threw up, but any kid who wants to leave the Magic Kingdom has to be sick). The girls and I went straight for the snack cart. It was like 1 p.m. and in all the crazy we hadn't eaten, except snacks at the bathroom break where the trouble began.

After our snacks I was still so overwhelmed. It was so hot and even though I had two kids, I just felt alone. I really can't remember much of what we did. I know the girls were up for the People Mover several times in a row, so we did that.

After a crazy turn around for Eric, he made it back to the park to be with us. We were like a normal little family of a mom and a dad and two kids at that point. Eric was feeling pretty sick, but toughed it out.

We had our dinner reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table that night, and while I was super bummed the boys wouldn't make it, it ended up pretty nice with just the girls. Especially since I got my $$$ back for the boys (I didn't think I would, but I asked nicely).

You meet Cinderella right away when you enter the castle:

It's just normal cheese, but they're eating it in a castle and that makes it special:

The other princesses come around and say hello while you eat your dinner. They can vary, but we saw: Ariel, Aurore, Snow White, and Jasmine. Jasmine was the favorite.

After dinner there were a few more rides, and then we headed home to give Eric a break. Poor guy was like the walking dead. He's a saint for putting up with my Disney shenanigans on a good day (see forthcoming post about our second day at Magic Kingdom). Doing it while sick is a whole other matter.

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