Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This year Thanksgiving was super low key. I mean, any year you don't have to kill and prepare your own turkey is like a non-event, right?

We were lucky to have Nan and Pop Horne join us for a few days, and our friends, the Petersens came over for Thanksgiving day. We did all the usuals-walked the pipeline, watched the parade on t.v., and ate, and ate again ;)

Audrey's class at school had a cute little celebration.

Maggie had no trouble picking her favorite balloon in the parade.

And, I got new dishes! And new special occasion cups. Just like the ones my Grandmother Margaret used to have. We even put cranberry juice in them just like she used to. 

Dinner was really, really good. (I am so hungry right now, my apologies if you are too).

There was a fight over the turkey legs. Somehow Eric managed to manufacture a couple more "legs" and all was well. 

And that was it. So much to be thankful for around these parts.

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