Sunday, December 27, 2015

'Ohana Wins

Actually, Aunt Anna wins for finding 'Ohana. She read about it in her pre-trip research and sold us on it. I'm not ready to concede that it's better than the Castle, but IT WAS AWESOME.

First things first, we woke up and everyone was feeling better. No puking happened at all this day. None. I woke up to Ward on top of me saying, "I feel bett-ah!" and he did. He didn't get sick again.

'Ohana is a restaurant in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort. For breakfast they do a family-style character dining experience. It was so calm and pleasant. It's all you can eat, but unlike a buffet, they bring it to you. That is clutch when you have 3.5 people in your family that can't carry their own plates yet.

I mean, look at this waffle. So great, right?:

Happy, healthy people:

Lilo and Stitch are the headliners at 'Ohana.

Look at how poor Pluto has to sign his autograph :( Poor guy:

One of the best parts of 'Ohana was that all of our tables were close. We weren't crazy enough to think we'd get a reservation for 16, so we all booked separate, but ended up being there together. It was fun.

After breakfast we did a couple laps on the monorail (it comes right to the Polynesian) and went back to our townhouses for more swimming. Good, good day.

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