Thursday, December 3, 2015

Feliz Navidad: A Relief Society Christmas

After the Christmas tree, the next act of December was throwing a big Relief Society Christmas party. The activity was called "Feliz Navidad: A Relief Society Christmas." Really, it all came about because we were really hungry at our planning meeting and someone brought up Cafe Rio. So, with Mexican food on our minds, the activity unfolded.

We did a nice plated dinner (we even used the real plates!), had a musical number, and showed this video:

The activity was to make ornaments to decorate a tree. That night we scooted the tree down the hall to our Bishop's office, where it took up the whole room =) We left him with instructions, that after he got over his shock and surprise, he could move it to the foyer. There it stood until the next week when we threw the ward Christmas party (more on that to come). After that, we found a family in the ward that could use it and it went to live with them. We called it the sisterhood of the traveling tree.

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