Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Hotel 2015

Our second annual "Christmas Hotel" stay did not disappoint. For a little tradition history, see here.

I decided this year that the Christmas hotel is my present. The eating out, room service, maid service, and city living is exactly what I want. The kids like the pool. We all like the decorations.

We stayed at the Fairmont Olympic again, and I'm not sure we weren't even in the same rooms as last year.

One new thing I introduced this year was the kids' Christmas Jammies being given out for sleeping at the Christmas hotel. I've always done it on Christmas eve, but then it didn't make a lot of sense when the kids kept wearing them after the fact. This year they got a solid couple of weeks of jammie wearing in before they became out of season.

Thank goodness the room service was the same =) Complimentary cookies and milk for the kids. We threw a couple other things on the order since they were coming all the way up to our room anyway.

Eric about died when he saw the bellhop pull Cecil out of our trunk (he wasn't there when I packed). I thought it was convenient Ward brought his own bed.

The decorations at the hotel are amazing during the holidays. 

It totally feels magical.

We did venture out of the hotel for a little bit, but not too much. We had our traditional dinner at P.F. Chang's, rode the carousel, played on the playground, and added an Anthropologie stop.

The kids were happiest swimming in the pool, and I was happiest observing from the hot tub. It was a great weekend, I just think it should happen more often than once a year!

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