Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas 2015-School Happenings

I am seriously missing the holidays and all of the fun that went with them...

Amos and Maggie had a holiday spirit day:

I am so happy with their elementary school and it's administrators (especially the principal-I might have just attended an informational meeting where there were ANGRY, ANGRY parents and he handled them like a BOSS. They were too angry to notice, but I wasn't). I was also pleasantly surprised that Audrey let Maggie borrow her dance recital tutu. I thought that was very nice of her. 

Audrey's class did the classic pajama party and Polar Express viewing:

Audrey and Ward's school is a private Christian school, and they put on a very nice Christmas recital. I died a little bit as I watched Ward's teacher wrestle him through the entire thing. They sat in their classes until they performed, and they had the 3s class perform near the very end. Brutal!

Also, Ward gave his best bud a good two handed shove during their performance. It was adorable. And so naughty. Mostly adorable though.

Finally, Santa paid a visit to the underprivileged youth of Ward and Audrey's private school (read: incredibly privileged). He brought them all huge presents! I could hardly believe it when I picked Ward up and he came running hauling Cecil the lion, which he could barely lift. Audrey got a really fancy jewelry making kit. The kids loved it, but I had a hard time explaining to Amos and Maggie why Santa didn't like their school. Cecil is a big hit around here though, and Ward, who comes into our bed each and every night, sometimes brings Cecil too. Our bed isn't too crowded at all.

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