Thursday, December 31, 2015

All Good Things Come to an End

Sadly, our Florida family vacation ended all too quickly. We had one final house day, and then it was time to fly home. Our last day was spent swimming, cleaning, and packing. There was also some more throwing up (Audrey, cousins). We also managed to fit in one last dinner with the sisters and Grammy. Eric was a champ and finished ALL the packing while I partied.

The cousins enjoyed all of their time together. I'm glad they love each other so much. (Thanks Aunt Kate for the pictures!)

Our flights out were all so early. Apparently, you need to get an early start to make it back across the country.

The going home crowd sure looked a lot different than the coming crowd:

We ran into the Sookhoos in the airport and I'm sure made everyone on our flight incredibly nervous that we were all going the same place ;)

Borrowing Kate's calculations..."There were 11 adults, and 16 kids, 4 rental cars, 3 townhouses, 10ish pukers, lots of tic tacs, and even more FUN!"

It was a great trip, and an awesome way to get everyone together before Grammy and Grampy left for their mission to Fiji.

Thanks Grammy and Grampy!!!

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