Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Family Shows up for Amos

The first weekend in October Amos chose to be baptized and we were so lucky to have lots of family come to be there for him. Both sets of grandparents and our Iverson cousins made the trip. We only had a few days, but we made the most of it.

We started off with a joint birthday party for Amos and Audrey. A fancy cupcake place had a 50% off deal, so fancy cupcakes it was! We're almost never with family on the kids' birthdays, so it was special to have a true family party.

Our big day outing was to the Seattle Aquarium. It's right on the waterfront, so we enjoyed some pier time, clam chowder and Pike's Place market too.

The underwater diver in the tank was a big hit. 

We found a huge map with Fiji on it for Grammy and Grampy. Unfortunately, the big map came with bad lighting.

The walk up the stairs to Pike's Place almost proved too much for Audrey.

Nah, she's a faker.

The rest of the visit included a walk on the pipeline, Pickle Time, General Conference, Amos' baptism, and cousin bff time.

It was a great visit, we only wished it could have been longer. Or permanent.

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