Sunday, November 15, 2015

Summer 2015 Round-Up

The last couple weeks of August found us jamming in as much summer fun as humanly possible. And, a whole lot of last minute "to dos."

On the fun side, Eric and Amos took their first big backpacking adventure:

On the "to do" side of things, haircuts:

She's mad because Great Clips was out of balloons. Coincidentally, this summer I started documenting #audreyface on my instagram account.

I didn't get an after picture of Maggie, but hers looked virtually the same. They don't style the girls' hair or anything, so their haircuts are always underwhelming.

We bought a "new to us" couch. $100 well spent. We desperately needed more seating, but couldn't dream of spending $$$ on something the kids would leave cheetos handprints on.

Ward completely abandoned his crib and toddler bed, and is officially all big boy bed now.

The kids stayed up way too late and crashed out on our floor almost every night.

I got to help at another wedding :) This one for the daughter of our Bishop from our old ward. It was so fun, and such a good outlet for me.

We got the girls graduated from their toddler beds and into a twin sized bunk bed. Again, another "new to us" find and $100 well spent.

Audrey went to her first friend birthday party. A minnie mouse themed party for her great friend, Ellie.

There was the annual "will I or won't I splurge on the pbkids backpack" debate. I'm now 3/3 so, I think statistically "will I" is a certainty. This year's lucky recipient was Audrey.

The kids played great outside all summer. We're up to 10 neighborhood kids now, so they run in a fierce little pack. My pack of 4 is pretty strong all by itself.

And, the annual last act of summer: taking the kids with me to my quarterly birth control shot that falls during the summer. Such a helpful exercise for us all.

And that just about sums it up. It was quite the summer.


Kate said...

I wish you'd blog everyday. This was so entertaining. Love the pictures - especially Wardie and of course Audrey! What a great family.

Laura Horne said...

I wish I'd do it everyday too! It's so good and so therapeutic for me.