Friday, November 20, 2015

Soccer 2015

With the start of school comes soccer. So much wet, muddy soccer. Amos played soccer in Utah, and when we first moved to Washington, but he wasn't super into it. So, we took last year off. This year, the boys at school are into it, and so Amos' interest was piqued again.

I have to say, he was much more equipped for it this time. He could put on his own gear, listen to the coach (and actually remember what was said), and wanted to try hard.

Oddly enough, most all of the pictures I took were of Amos' adoring fans. Soccer is hard to capture on a cellphone.

The last game was pouring rain, freezing and totally dark by the end.

We did our awards ceremony by cellphone flashlight.

Luckily, I sprung the $10 for team pictures.

And that's a wrap on the Sounders '15.

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