Friday, November 20, 2015

Scout's Honor

Also with the start of school, comes "birthday alley." I.e. when all the kids in our family have their birthday. This year brought a big one for Amos-8 years old. While it means baptism, it also means starting cub scouts. And, boy, was he jazzed about that. Admittedly, it's totally not my thing. Amos loves it so much (and is so proud of his accomplishments), it's impossible to not get on board.

Because his birthday was just a couple weeks after the start of school, and the start of the next scout program, Amos started cub scouts just a couple weeks early. Nan and Pop gave him his uniform and scout book for his birthday, and he was ready to go.

Well, after a little adjusting.

It's only been a couple of months, but Amos has already earned 3 belt loops. We've been to our first (and second) den meetings as a family and happily supported Amos in his accomplishments. It doesn't hurt that there is dodge ball and 'smores afterwards.

Earning his first award:

Here's to a million more years of scouting!

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