Saturday, November 28, 2015

Margaret Turns 7

The next big event after Halloween is Margaret's birthday. She made it so easy for me this year, I still can't believe it.

Her birthday dinner requests: turkey (cold cuts, even!), gold fish and apples. What a nut. At least we got some good cupcakes out of it.

For her friends' birthday party, she wanted to have a Halloween party. We scheduled it for the Saturday after Halloween and the hardest part was leaving our Halloween decor up for one more week. 

I think she and all her friends were excited to wear their costumes one more time.

The girls actually sat and did the craft I made for them-they were so nice and wonderful guests! 

One of the best parts of throwing a Halloween party in November, is all the goods are on clearance. The florist at our grocery store even saved all of the unsold bouquet balloons for Maggie since she knew we were having a party. So very nice. Her guests got so much swag!

I hope every year is this easy!

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Andrea said...

how fun. i should do that. plan ahead get a christmas theme going in September. haha.