Friday, November 20, 2015

Kid of the Month Final Verdict

[Grand] "Kid of the month" is a program Grammy Cindy started this year (read more here). While it was 99.99% a positive thing, there were a few cons:

1. Ward refused to wear any clothes other than the spider man shirt and shoes Grammy sent him. If I somehow managed to get him to wear other clothes, it was only a matter of minutes before he'd strip down, and round up his proper uniform: SPIDER MAN.

2. SPIDER MAN was no respecter of the Sabbath. Yes, Ward wore light up spider man shoes to church. 

3. Grammy sent several of these tiny little animals, that when put in water grow HUGE. We had large bowls of water sitting on the counter pretty much all year. The con, when the temptation to peek into the bowl grows too large and Ward pulls it over onto his own head. So soaked. And sad. So sad.

Ok, that's it. Like I said, .0001% con. I guess we'll let her do it again ;)

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