Thursday, November 19, 2015

First Day(s) of School 2015

With summer finally over, the kids were excited to head back to school. Ward and Audrey's school started a week after Amos and Maggie's. At first I was sad they wouldn't all go at once, but a slow ease into it turned out to be a great thing.

Amos, second grade:

Maggie, first grade:

Ward, 3s class:

Audrey, pre-k:

These two are as tight as ever. People ask how I did it, and honestly, they just came that way.

And then there's Ward:

Nice kids:

And, again, Ward:

Being the pacific northwest, things took a drastic turn at the bus stop.  It was pouring rain!

After we watched to kids board the bus, we follow it to school and watched the kids line up with their new classes for the first time. Still pouring rain.

Everyone was thoroughly soaked.

Then, before we knew it, they were back again:

That picture isn't particularly great, but it should be noted that Maggie really was jumping onto Amos and she knocked them both down to the ground. I was too busy laughing to get another picture.

The weather was much nicer on Ward and Audrey's first day of school a week later. Ward is in a morning class, and Audrey is in an afternoon class, so Ward actually started school 4 hours before Audrey. She took it incredibly well.

First day of 3s class, not particularly photogenic:

Amos and Maggie were pretty excited for him. Audrey wasn't in the pictures because she was still in her jammies. Because she didn't have school for 4 hours.

At school:

The very first circle time:

Audrey's turn did eventually come, and she was ready!

The benefit of writing this post three months into the school year is that I can say things are going great! Everyone loves their teachers, classes, and friends.

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