Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eagle, ID Summer 2015 Trip 2

We were lucky this summer to go visit my parents and our Iverson cousins in Idaho twice. Our second trip even included our Catmull cousins who were visiting Idaho from Arizona to bless baby Henry.

I've made this drive by myself with the kids many times now, and barring any winter travel, it's become a non-event. Except, this time I set a speed record. And against less than desirable circumstances too:

It's a little blurry, but the dashboard time there reads 7:08. It really is the little things sometimes.

Catmulls looking good for Henry's blessing:

And look at these cousins! My parents are so stinking lucky. We really missed the Sookhoos.

Grammy had new pillows and blankets waiting for the slumber party cousins. To say Maggie took to her lamb would be an understatement.

She wore it on her head during most of our "Savior of the World" viewing (a play put on by the Boise State Institute). "Lamb" really perked up when an actual lamb appeared on the stage during one of the market scenes.

One night during our visit we headed to a concert in the park, sponsored by Grampy's MG club.

The music wasn't the most appealing to the kids, but they found other ways to pass the time:

We went to this new park a couple (maybe even three?) times during our visit. The most memorable was when Grammy pushed Ward until he puked. She pushed him forever and ever. And then he barfed.

Of course there were the usual pool shenanigans. "I'm Mama" was a new one though:

This trip was introduced to the "Taco Time." Both the restaurant, and the phrase, which he randomly chants now and again. Still.

And with that we were all tuckered out.

Another fantastic Idaho adventure. We're sure going to miss Grammy and Grampy when they head to Fiji for their mission!

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