Friday, November 20, 2015

Audrey is Finally Five Frozen Bash!

October! I've made it to October. Actually, not quite yet :( While Audrey (finally) turned 5 on October 1, we had her birthday party a week early in September. I knew with Amos' birthday being the 3rd, his baptism, family coming to visit and his friends party I needed to get Audrey's done or it wasn't going to happen.

But, happen it did. Looking back over the years, Audrey has gotten the short end of the birthday party stick. She was the only one to not get a big first birthday party. Whoops. So, when it came to her Frozen dreams, I gave in. She was really easy thankfully. She wanted dress-ups, a fashion show, and a pinata. So done. 

I made her cake using princesses she could keep. She thought that was pretty neat. I thought it was pretty thrifty.

Of all the kids, Audrey has the best friends. We're just really lucky there are so many great girls her age around here.

There you have it, Audrey's first official friend party, with so many outfit changes and so much Elsa.

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