Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amos' Baptism

For more information about our beliefs on baptism, go here.

In January of this year, our Primary held a "Baptism Preview." It's a night when they gather all the kids who will turn 8 in the coming year and give them the lowdown on having a baptism. Amos was invited, and he had an eye single to the glory ever since. He held onto all of the informational papers they gave him. He talked incessantly about it. He diligently read his scriptures. He was ready.

Baptism preview, Jan. '15:

October finally arrived, and Amos' baptism was scheduled for General Conference Saturday. While not a usual day to hold a baptism, we were grateful for all of the people who contributed to make it work.

Friday night we went down to set up the chapel just a little bit. We gave Amos the option to stay home and play with his cousins, but he was not going to miss setting up. Earlier on Friday, we were at Pike's Place Market. While we were there, Amos said to me, "Mom, we should get some flowers for my baptism." That was a no brainer, and Amos helped me pick out a fabulous baptism bouquet.

Saturday morning a few of us headed down to the chapel while everyone else stayed behind to watch the Saturday morning session of conference. Again, Amos was given the option to stay home and play, but chose to come help us get ready. The most important thing we had to do that morning was fill the font. That's one thing you don't want to mess up.

The font fillers:

I didn't do a great job of getting pictures that morning. I was pretty focused on being at the baptism, so I am ok with it. We did manage to snap a few with the Hornes while we waited for everyone else to get there.

Three generations of goofballs:

I mean, really?

I managed one nice shot of the kids:

But, it didn't come easy. See, Audrey was bummed that she couldn't stand by Amos.

Maggie was really nice and switched with her. Standing next to Maggie was too much for Ward though, he just had to have a hug.

At least the baptism boy escaped unscathed.

All suited up:

I LOVE what a great example Amos is for his cousin Levi, and his brother, Ward.

I didn't want to go over the top with decorations or anything, but decorating is how I show my love. So, I put together a nice little table for Amos. Complete with Pike's Place Market flowers.

Since it was conference Saturday, and we were filling the only break people would get between sessions, we figured we better feed them. We had a great luncheon afterwards and it was like the loaves and the fishes with my little crockpot of shredded BBQ chicken that never did run out.

There were so many people there, we ended up needing to throw up 3 more tables! We sure felt loved and supported.

The baptism itself was perfect. Short and sweet and filled with so much love for Amos. He chose Grammy Cindy and his primary teacher, Dave Candland to give the talks. I really wanted a musical number so I recruited my good friend Laura Mills and her extremely talented daughters to sing "When I am Baptized" with Maggie and Audrey. Audrey may have panicked a bit and started grabbing at Maggie's necklace during the song. Maggie did a great job ignoring her until it seemed like Audrey might pull her all the way to the ground and Maggie had to fight her off. The song went on though, and the ringers carried them through.

It was a great, great day and I am so happy and proud of Amos. He really is an incredibly special kid and quite honestly, he just came that way. Today in the car he said to me, "Mom, I can't wait for the Saturday after next!" I had no idea what he was talking about and when I asked he said, "Mom! We're going to fast. Don't you remember???" No, I wasn't currently contemplating my next fast. But Amos sure was.

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Anna said...

Oh, I love everything about this post. I love the pictures of the three generations of goofballs. And I especially love Amos- and thinking about his next fast with excitement.