Friday, September 11, 2015

Independence Day 2015

This past 4th of July will probably be remembered as the year the burn ban stressed everyone the heck out. The townspeople were outside of their minds with concern that anyone who lit off a sparkler would turn the whole place into a fiery inferno. While I secretly enjoyed the people bold enough to point out that the world had not ended the next morning, it was stressful.

Fireworks worries aside, we enjoyed all of our usual 4th activities.

The parade in Carnation:

After the parade, we stopped for lunch at Pickle Time, where even our pickles were feeling patriotic:

And, then our own private show in the back yard:

That's "Ryan" there with Audrey, by the way. He was a new addition to our family in July as part of Audrey's kid of the month-dom.

The backpack full of fireworks is always the favorite. Who doesn't want to wear their explosives?

And, we did do sparklers. Only after completely saturating the yard.

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