Friday, September 11, 2015

Eagle, ID Summer 2015-Trip 1

After the dance recital excitement settled down, and Nan and Pop jetted off to Hawaii, the kids and I headed to Idaho to my parents house.

We've done the drive so many times, its not even a thing anymore. The kids take it like champs.

The thermometers all looked a lot like this one while we were there (see: 104 degrees):

So, if we were outside, we were in the pool. It was crazy hot.

Ward really came into his fish-ness this time. He LOVES swimming.

There were a few indoor activities (movies and fro-yo), but not many:

And the bro-mance (cousin-mance?) between these two grew even stronger:

With the timing of our trip with caught the tail end of June Jubilee (the month-long celebration for my Dad's birthday. It's a thing.) and the start of Audrey's July "Kid of the month-dom." Both were perfect.

An "MG" robe for the birthday boy-you know I love a good re-purposed monogram from Downeast Home.

And a convertible ride with Grammy for Audrey.

As always, a great time in Idaho.

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