Friday, September 11, 2015

The Great Beach Vacation

With Nan and Pop Horne back from Hawaii (they came back for the 4th of July), we figured it was time for a trip. From being with the young men in Big Rock ward, Eric knew of a family who has a very nice rental house on the "beach." So, we rented out their house for a few days and set out on the ferry. Ferry rides are great. Sans Ward's desire to jump overboard.

We got a great front-row parking spot on the ferry ride over:

Thank you, google maps, we weren't quite sure where to go next:

While at the beach Nan, Pop, Eric and the kids explored and played their hearts out. I chilled in the cabin, watched some shows, finished my book for book club, and cooked some good meals. It was perfect for everyone.

Despite a run of bad luck, and not getting to crab or eat the clams they caught (toxic water something or other), the boys enjoyed their adventures.

They built a fierce sandcastle with moat.

The girls loved the beach, but they channeled their indoor girls a bit too. Lounging around the house was nice for the girls.

Maggie built a large shell collection which she dubbed "the museum."

I did venture down to the beach a couple times.

I had to document the "sand:"

Ward and I were enjoying a nice little chat sitting on some driftwood when Maggie spotted a snake near us. I'm sure it was harmless, but I had no desire to stick around and find out. So, the snake forced us off the edge and out onto the beach.

It really was for the best though, because we got our best idea yet. The beach was covered in huge white shells and I knew they'd be perfect for creating a message for Eric to see when he walked out on the deck of the cabin (where he happened to be napping). So, Maggie and I set out to make a heart. Once the outline was complete, Maggie was sure it wasn't good enough and that we needed to fill it in. So, we recruited some shell collectors (Amos, Nan, and Pop) and put them to work. We cleared the beach of shells and barely had enough, but we did it. We didn't even have to tap into Maggie's shell "museum."

Amos was the hauler and Maggie was the placer.

Ward was super bugged we wouldn't let him "help."

Once it was all complete and Eric woke up, it was perfect for a family picture.

Or, an Audrey "show:"

Either way, it looked pretty cool.

And, that's a wrap for our beach vacation. Two thumbs up.

Eagle, ID Summer 2015-Trip 1

After the dance recital excitement settled down, and Nan and Pop jetted off to Hawaii, the kids and I headed to Idaho to my parents house.

We've done the drive so many times, its not even a thing anymore. The kids take it like champs.

The thermometers all looked a lot like this one while we were there (see: 104 degrees):

So, if we were outside, we were in the pool. It was crazy hot.

Ward really came into his fish-ness this time. He LOVES swimming.

There were a few indoor activities (movies and fro-yo), but not many:

And the bro-mance (cousin-mance?) between these two grew even stronger:

With the timing of our trip with caught the tail end of June Jubilee (the month-long celebration for my Dad's birthday. It's a thing.) and the start of Audrey's July "Kid of the month-dom." Both were perfect.

An "MG" robe for the birthday boy-you know I love a good re-purposed monogram from Downeast Home.

And a convertible ride with Grammy for Audrey.

As always, a great time in Idaho.

A Year of Dance-The Big Finish

Woah, woah, woah. In my anxiousness to get the blogging ball rolling I just blew past the second half of June and right to the 4th of July. My bad. I hate when I post out of order, but at this point I've reached "get it done" mode and it's just going to happen how it happens (run-on sentences and all).

The last couple weeks of school were full of dance activities. The final classes, picture day, dress rehearsal, and finally culminating in the BIG recitals. Yes. Recitals. There were two.

First up, picture day:

Thankfully it doesn't show too much, but we were a train wreck. Everyone was tired and cranky and just not interested in standing still or being nice. You'd think (the girls at least) would be so excited to get all dressed up, etc. They were not. But, like I said, you can barely tell in the finished product:

The next week was dress rehearsal. First time on the big stage with the lights and all is always exciting.

Amos' costume for his second dance, btw:

Nan and Pop Horne made a special trip out to be here in time for the recital, and while they might have had some slight doubts when they found out they'd be sitting through two separate shows, it was awesome to have them there.

The girls' show was first, so just the three of us headed over to the auditorium first. Cute little divas.

Their opening number was "Frozen." All of the kids have the same opening number, so Amos danced with the girls during their show, and the girls danced with Amos during his. Special times to have them all out there together.

The girls' tap number was "Aladdin." They loved their pink outfits.

Of course there were flowers for the performers:

One of the things I love very most about our dance experience was the kids' opportunity to be brave. To just get out there and do it. And do it they did.