Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Ah, the sweet memory of my Dad furiously humming Alice Cooper's "school's out for summer, school's out forever" during a game of Cranium. Too bad his teammates were small children who hadn't even been exposed to the Muppets' version of that song. We lost.

Yesterday was the last day of school. The kids are so excited and already playing their "it's summer" card like they're in the poker world series.

Amos is already referring to himself as a second grader. Homeboy has moved on.

Mag's isn't so anxious to be a first grader. We all had a good laugh when Amos said, "It was seems like just yesterday Maggie was in Kindergarten. Oh, wait, it was yesterday!"

This girl is ready for some Pre-K action. Audrey walks around with a notepad and pen dutifully being "academic." Truthfully, she knows more of her letters and numbers than either Amos or Maggie going into Pre-K, even after her year off. She already counts higher than Amos when he finished Kindergarten (it was a thing for him for some reason?).

And my 3's class guy. He has no idea he's going to school, but I think he'll be totally jazzed when he puts it together. He is obsessively driven to try to hang with the big kids. And, I don't know if I ever really mentioned it, but he is a speech therapy graduate. He was denied any future services based on him being too developed =)

Last walk across the street from the bus. Oh, the hours we spent at that corner this year.

Amos' teacher gave out awards. "Mr. Cooperative" seems right ;)

And, even I got an award! My time volunteering in the class this year was such a good thing for me and the kids. It made such a huge difference in all of our experiences for me to be in the classroom meeting their friends, and helping out.

What a great year! And now, it's summer and the alarms are off:

And chaos has ensued:

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