Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This year, I got the best present ever for Mother's Day-my MOM! Grammy and Grampy Shaver came to visit and it was FANTASTIC. I feel like such an island in Washington, a taste of "home" was exactly what I needed. Being a mom is really hard for me, but this year is the first year that I haven't just wanted a break for Mother's Day. Maybe I am maturing. Probably it's just that my kids are.

I think I lured my parents out here with this picture:

The "Hydro Rush" is a much appreciated gift from Grampy, and I think he knew he should see it in action in person. I think that it happens to be sunny and warm in this picture also helped our case.

A couple months ago my mom emailed a link to a craft on a blog. Which, is something she does never. So, I figured she probably really liked the footprint butterfly pots pictured and put it in the back of my mind for Mother's Day. When my parents announced they were coming just 5 days before Mother's Day, I had to get my hustle on and rounded up the supplies for my craft. I don't think my mom imagined she'd get to help us make it. Or that our feet weren't nearly as cute as the baby feet the mom on the blog had to work with. And, yes, I made her do my feet for the round pot-it was "Mother's Day" not "Grandmother's Day" after all. I'm on pins and needles to see if she emails another link for a craft ;)

We had great weather for my parents visit and even got a little hot. And cranky.

Nothing a little see-sawing with Grammy can't fix.

On Mother's Day, Eric, Grampy, and the kids made Grammy and I delicious breakfast in bed. Grammy felt a little sad eating all alone in her room, then all of the kids joined her. I was so happy eating alone, and even happier when I heard the kids go for her and not me :)

My tray arrived:

Grammy's tray getting ready to head to her room:

We had a great day at church, and then after Eric and Grampy made us another wonderful Mother's Day meal. Surf, Turf, and Red Lobster rolls.

It was a great visit, and we really enjoyed it. I just wish it could happen all the time.

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