Monday, June 1, 2015

Going Back to Philly

In May, Eric took Amos, Maggie, and Audrey to the east coast for the annual Horne men fishing trip. A newer addition, princess weekend with the cousins for Maggie and Audrey while Dad and Amos fish. It's been a couple years since I've been able to make the trip, and I am pretty sad about that. In the past it was a bit of time off for me, but this year Wardie made sure no such thing happened. Bless his heart.

Everyone was pretty excited when I dropped them off at the airport.

The first picture I got to let me know they'd arrived safely:

and the second:

The pictures just kept coming, getting better and better:

While they were there, the Hornes hosted a retirement party for Grandma Nancy, and were kind enough to invite our Sookhoo cousins so they could all see each other. I got happy reports from all involved parties.

Funny enough, Amos called me from the party without anyone knowing to tell me he was hot ;) He did mention that the food was really good though.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Ward was losing his mind being an only child. We stayed busy and had lots to do, but I quickly learned how much of a buffer Audrey must be between Ward and I ALL THE TIME. The boy never, and I mean never, left my side. It was exhausting. It should have been helpful since I was trying to potty train him, but it was not. He potty trained just enough to manipulate the system to get a treat when he felt like it.

I tried everything I could to get him to just be for a few minutes. Including, but not limited to, snacks in bed with a movie. Not even that worked. Who knew one boy could be so much work? 

Like all good trips it came to an end (I was probably more ready than anyone), and soon my family was headed back towards me (but more importantly, Ward). Not without an extended layover in the Minneapolis Airport though.

Soon, all was as it should be, and the Horne four were together again:

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