Monday, June 15, 2015

Audrey's Magical Year With Momma

Over a year ago, as the time approached to enroll Audrey in preschool, I found I just could not do it. The year had been so crazy and so totally about Amos and Maggie, I felt like the rest of us needed a break. So, I didn't enroll her, but promised a year full of other activities, and more importantly, some free time!

The greatest benefit I saw from this year "off" was the awesome bond that grew between Ward and Audrey.

Dance class was top on Audrey's list of things to do. She was always happy to go.

Because we weren't on a half day schedule, we had time to go see Eric for lunch dates in Seattle. Audrey LOVED these days. She often told everyone who crossed our path that we were going on a date.

Audrey took about a million swim lessons while the other kids were in school. I think it was officially 3 separate sessions. She came out "swimming" (only backwards, but she won't drown!). 

As part of my entourage, Audrey was always a happy supporter of all of the things we got to go see Amos and Maggie do at school.

Just now, as the school year is ending, she also enjoyed a few days of Amos and Maggie-free slide time. 

Audrey also benefited from being home at lunch time. On more than one occasion.

The crown jewel of Audrey's year at home was "My Little Pony Camp." She enjoyed a couple days of camp purely because she could.

 As always, her little sidekick, Ward, wasn't far behind.

We had a good year, avoided being slaves to the preschool drop-off/pick-up (dreading September already) and tried some new things. It's probably the last year that will be this simple for a while...good thing we enjoyed it!

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