Friday, May 1, 2015

We Had Chickens

This is old news, but it came up today, and it made me remember. Today Ward had an evaluation for his speech therapy, and one of the pictures he had to identify was a bird. Of course, he kept saying,

"Chicken! chicken!"

I felt the need to explain it for the moderator, "well, we have chickens, so he knows that word. Well, we had chickens."

A couple months ago some sort of predator (we think racoon) started picking off the chickens one by one. It was brutal. It wasn't long until we were left with one lonely chicken. We were able to find her a home, so she's happy and safe. As we chased her around the yard to catch her that one last time, I found myself so very glad that was the last time I'd have to deal with a chicken.

Eric loved the chickens, but it was just never worth it to me. Especially the time I called my neighbor to borrow an egg and had to acknowledge that yes, that was my chicken on her patio. =)

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