Sunday, May 17, 2015

Family on the Go

Forgive my phrasing, but the Hornes have been getting around these past few months. We've been so lucky to get to go and do lots of things, but more importantly to see lots of people that are important to us (Jeff Probst, I'm looking at you [just kidding, we haven't been to see him yet-soon!]).

Interestingly enough, life didn't go as planned for us earlier this year and as I shook my fists at God, one of the first things I said to Eric was, "wah! we're not going to be able to travel or go anywhere or do anything." I was overreacting, but at the same time, I feel like these opportunities we've had to go places have been a direct result of that fist shaking. Not that God rewards fist shaking, but that He remembers us, even if we're sure He hasn't. Even when it seems like there will be no way, He finds a way to make one for us.

Anyway, Eric is going to hate this post, but I want to remember that experience. It was important to me and I grew from it.

So, since pictures of cute kids can redeem just about anything, here you go:

And what's that there by my luggage in the closet?

Why, it's a weird nakey boy hiding from his bath! Duh.

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