Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Family Dance at the Elementary School

The PTSA at Amos and Maggie's school has put on some really fun events this year, but the "Family Dance" was the best by far. During the week prior to the dance, the kids spent their PE time learning dances to do at the dance. I was so impressed with all the kids learned in a short amount of time and I LOVED watching them do their dances. It seriously took me back to my EFY days. (To think, I once I had a job where partying at two dances a week all summer long was a requirement!)

Before the dance we had pizza dinner and a chance to check out our "dance party accessories" we bought. The glow in the dark glasses, temporary tattoos, and glow jewelry were a hit.

Once the party started, Maggie won the night getting in the professional photographer's pictures:

She and a group of her friends were up front, right by the DJ the whole night. They were adorable.

Losing the dance party night were Eric and Audrey. They left the party to play outside on the playground, and had their own kind of fun though.

It was a great time, and I might need to start chaperoning youth dances to get my fix or something...

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Andrea said...

I love this post. Everything about it.