Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Recently, I have found the time to create a few things. It's been simple and easy things, but good for my soul. While not a creative type, I am a good copier, and was certainly meant to be born in this Pinterest age.

There have been some other projects, but the most readily available pictures are of a diaper cake and "ducky" punch I made for the baby shower of the daughter of one of the sisters in our ward:

This is the first version of the diaper cake:

When she said "blue" and "yellow" that's what I thought of. Maybe I do think outside the box sometimes? Luckily it occurred to me that might not have been what she meant, and a little ribbon and paper shred swapping and it was perfect.

Finally, some official word on the subject:


Andrea said...

One of my favorite videos. Love the punch and the cake. Super cute!

Rodger said...

Latent craftiness in you Laura, guess it is good that you didn't stay close to home as now it can be expressed every holiday and life event.