Sunday, March 15, 2015

Room with a view

Some lessons you learn the hard way, but some lessons, you get to learn the funny way! Such was the case at dinner tonight. It was a nice, sit down Sunday dinner, but it was a battle with the kids. We were constantly reminding them to sit down, stay in their own space, and not to interrupt. We finally hit a peaceful moment when Amos said,

"Uh, do you guys know where Wardie is? 'Cause he's in the backyard."

The view from the dining room window:

Turns out, Ward can open our sliding glass door. And quietly slip away unnoticed.

At least he put on his boots.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Recently, I have found the time to create a few things. It's been simple and easy things, but good for my soul. While not a creative type, I am a good copier, and was certainly meant to be born in this Pinterest age.

There have been some other projects, but the most readily available pictures are of a diaper cake and "ducky" punch I made for the baby shower of the daughter of one of the sisters in our ward:

This is the first version of the diaper cake:

When she said "blue" and "yellow" that's what I thought of. Maybe I do think outside the box sometimes? Luckily it occurred to me that might not have been what she meant, and a little ribbon and paper shred swapping and it was perfect.

Finally, some official word on the subject:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You say flamenco, I say flamingo

While we were visiting my parents over New Year's, we made perhaps one of my most favorite family memories ever (it's right up there with "Mohair" and "THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THE POPE!!!!"-stories for another day). Amos was still fairly new to reading/writing but found that he could generally play the game "Draw Something" with just a little help. He was playing with Eric one night, and he brought me this picture, saying, "I think it's a flamingo, but I can't spell it."

Having been married to Eric for nearly 10 years, I took one look at it and knew exactly what had happened. Eric clearly drew a flamingo. As I started to explain it to Amos, and tell him that he had been right, etc. Eric overheard us, and said in his best Amazon (read: smarty pants) voice,

"I can tell by the way you're saying it that you're not spelling it right."

Grammy, also in the room and paying attention, fired back:


We then all had a good laugh at Eric's expense and an explanation of flamenco followed. Funny enough, drawing the flamingo probably got us closer to guessing "flamenco" than any drawing of flamenco ever would have. And who knew Grammy was so passionate about flamingos?

The Glory Days

My friend, Alisha, just sent me these old pictures of Maggie playing soccer in Utah today.

I should note, they were taken during gameplay. I showed them to Maggie and she laughed and said, "Yeah, I don't like running."