Monday, February 9, 2015

That one time we were sports fans

When Eric was interviewing with Amazon, they flew us out to Seattle in January 2013.  While we were in town for the weekend, the air was electric with excitement over a Seahawks game. It's all anyone was talking about, but we went back home to Utah and didn't really think about it again. Until we were back in Seattle a month later and asked someone,

"Whatever happened with that football game, did the Seahawks win?"

They didn't.

Fast forward to January 2014, we're now living in the Greater Seattle area and once again, the air was electric with excitement over the Seahawks.  This time, the kids are in school, having regular spirit days, getting the details from their friends and starting to care.  We decided it was probably part of our parental responsibility to get a little bit involved.  We bought Amos a Russell Wilson t-shirt so he had something to wear on spirit day.  The Super Bowl came, and the Seahawks won.  Now this was something we could get on board with!

This year, we were ready for football season.  We even watched a few regular season games! We learned a few players' names. We got all of the kids Seahawks apparel, and we genuinely enjoyed the time together as a family.

The week before the Super Bowl, I went to Costco with Ward.  Second only to a Christmas display, the Seahawks cupakes, flowers, sweatshirts, dvds, prints, and other swag made my heart go pitter-patter.  If there is one thing I can get on board with, it's an occasion.  And when your team is in the Super Bowl, it's an occasion.

With the Super Bowl being on a Sunday and all, we did our best to worship what matters most, then headed straight home to worship what matters for just a few hours.  The kids thought it was pretty fun to wear Seahawks clothes to church.

A close-up of this guy's suit and his pink gun:

Of course, the game ended in heartbreak for us, but we'll recover.

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Andrea said...

Wards suit is KILLING me. (Sorry for the rapid commenting on your posts)