Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hillside, here we come again

I know, it's crazy I am talking about Ward and Audrey's preschool for the fall, but they (the preschool) started it.  In January, Hillside held an open house and opened registration for new and returning families.  Eric and the other kids stayed home, so Audrey and I could make a date out of it.

It was a fun night, just Audrey and I, and she was SO excited to see her new school.  I don't know if it's because Ward wasn't with us, or because he's so little, but she's not really open to the idea of it being his school too....which brings me to our dilemma.  Right now, Audrey is enrolled in an afternoon class and Ward is in a morning class. This means, if my prayers aren't answered and Audrey doesn't get off the waitlist for the morning class, Ward will actually go to school first (by a couple hours). I think Audrey might die. I will actually die because the afternoon class means the post-school race to meet the school bus dash which brought me SO much stress last year. And driving to town three times a day. I may have asked my visiting teachers to pray for this. And I'll ask you. Pray Audrey gets into the morning class.

Registration day, I tried to get them to pose normally, they weren't interested:

Even with the current schedule, I am really excited.  Hillside is a great school, and I know both kids are going to love it. Audrey especially is so ready.


Andrea said...

Did she get the morning class?

Laura Horne said...

Not yet, Andrea. Thankfully, it's a long way until September. I am still praying for promotions and relocations for the parents of the a.m. class kids ;)