Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Elementary School Happenings

Eric and I are all grown up with kids in grade school these days.

To prove it, I went on my first official field trip-rode the bus and all. The entire kindergarten and second grade went and saw Cinderella at Kirkland's Storybook Theater. It was a cute adaptation of the Cinderella you know and love, with an empowered heroine as is all the rage right now.  Example: she wore "grass" slippers as opposed to glass slippers because they were more her style and more comfortable.  My personal favorite moment was during the q&a after the of the ugly stepsisters was a man, but the other stepsister and stepmother perhaps pulled off unattractive too well because one of the kids asked: "Why are those three boys dressed as girls???" The cast took it pretty well ("Actually, I am a girl, dressed as a girl."), so we all got a good laugh.

Eric did his grade school parent part by taking the kids to "Dads and Donuts" a sweet little before school event put on by the PTSA.  Both Amos and Maggie were so excited they counted down the days.  At one point, I was talking with Maggie about booking her an appointment that might make her miss school, and she said, "BUT NOT ON DADS AND DONUTS!!!" I don't have any anecdotes from the event, since I am not a dad or a donut I wasn't there, but I did get this picture thanks to a great parent volunteer:

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