Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Amos and his "Pets"

Amos has long been a lover of "pets" (what our kids call stuff animals). He's had a couple different favorites over the years, a blue Easter bunny, a brown pound puppy called "Cutie" and Cutie's baby, a plastic Barbie dog called "Baby." It was not uncommon for me to find Cutie and Baby safely tucked in all over the house:

I've already blogged how Rudolph came to be Amos' through Maggie's selflessness and a trading post deal, but there's more!

Like I mentioned, I bought Rudolph off our town's trading post (like Craigslist) for $3. The seller didn't mention it, and I wasn't smart enough to think about it, but Rudolph's nose used to light up...once upon a time. Of course, the broken nose was the first thing Amos noticed. He problem solved it until he found what felt like a little button in Rudolph's ear, and Eric let him cut the ear open to check it out. It was some sort of battery pack...but the kind never intended to be opened.

Amos didn't stop loving Rudolph, and held out hope that I would eventually sew his ear closed like I promised. He brought Rudolph with us when we went to Eagle for our New Year's trip, and happily showed him to Grammy. Grammy noticed the ear, and promised Amos she'd sew it shut the next day. The next morning I woke up at 6 a.m. to Amos loudly proclaiming "TODAY IS THE DAY RUDOLPH'S EAR GETS FIXED!!!" Luckily, Grammy is a woman of her word and she fixed Rudolph that very day.

I haven't thought a lot about Rudolph since then, but he's often in Amos' arms. I guess we've gotten used to having him around. Yesterday, as we were coming home from the bus stop, I heard Amos say to Maggie:

"Do you want to go check on Rudolph with me?"

Sure enough, they ran right upstairs to check on Rudolph safely tucked in Amos' bed.

I'm often overwhelmed by how careless the kids seem to be (saltines ground into the carpet, anyone?), but when I stop and pay attention, they're doing an awful lot of caring. Especially about each other.

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